Top PTC websites


Pay to click services has taken the online world by storm. Out of thousand PTC sites, only a few handful like Clixsence, are good and actually pay. Clixsence, established in 2007 has been holding a good reputation of timely payment and providing multiple ways to earn money.

The joining formalities are simple and free, while the payment is directly transferred to your PayPal or Liberty Reserve account. Viewing advertisement is one of the easiest ways of earning money. You will have to view ads for a specific amount of time to be eligible for payment. Earnings start from $0.01 per ad viewed.

Likewise, after timely completing a task one can earn anything above $ 0.03 per task and your earnings from survey completions can range from $0.50 to $5. Affiliate programs are most effective in multiplying your income. You get a commission on every referral. Playing clixgrid games and completing different offers are other methods of earning income.

Payment is made every Monday with minimum payout being $8 for standard members and $6 for premium members.

BUXP – Exclusive Revenue Sharing Network

BUXP is an established and legitimate PTC (paid to click) site that has been running and doing business online since 2008. For almost 8 years of service, the BUXP community has now more than 555, 000 members; more than 58, 400 advertisers; and has paid out more than $249, 296.00 worth of cash to their members worldwide.

There are many ways on how you can earn with BUXP because there are many tasks to choose and earn money from. Tasks may vary from clicking and viewing ads and videos to visiting websites and completing offers and survey forms.

Joining the BUXP community is easy. What’s good about BUXP is that they have a stable stream of both unique and new advertisers as well as members that they are still up and running today. If you are interested in making real money out of legitimate PTC sites, then BUXP is a good place to start at.


SCARLET-CLICKS site has been online for more than seven years, starting its activities in 2009. The platform provides opportunities for earning money by clicking on ads, by completing concrete offers, or by promoting SCARLET-CLICKS.
The Home page of the platform indicates how much the site pays. The payments are executed via PayPal and Payza, and the minimum payout is $2. It takes up to seven days for the payment to be received by the member of the platform.
A wide array of advertisements falls within the scope of SCARLET-CLICKS. They range from fixed ads to premium plus to extended, macro, or other. The earning options depend on the category. Opportunities for a bonus are envisioned, too. A ScarletGrid click also offers a winning option of $1.00.
Security issues are guaranteed via the policy of anti-cheat protection. A support system for requests enjoys a rapid reaction and responses online. The membership database embraces hundreds of thousands of members.
Any additional information related to referrals renting, for ex., or other issues may be found in FAQ.


AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys

AyuWage is an online site where members get paid for viewing websites. The site which has been in existence since 2009 is free to join and accepts members from all over the world. Ways to earn vary from viewing ads, to answering online survey questions, completing other simple online tasks and also by referring other people to the site. These ads and tasks are posted on the site throughout the day, everyday.
How much does it pay?
Members can earn up to $3 per day from clicking on the posted ads or other tasks. Earnings are in form of credits rather than cash. The credits are converted to cash when the member wants to make a withdrawal. One credit = $0.0005. Referring others attracts 10% commission.
What are the payment methods?Members can to choose their preferred payment method from the options offered by the site which include PayPal, Payza, Walmart and Amazon.

AyuWage has a 24/7 customer support service, an impressive feature which further improves the site’s working environment.


InnoCurrent Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys

PTC websites are an easy way of making a few dollars on the side. Before signing up however, one needs to do a proper review to avoid falling for scam websites. Here is an non-biased review of innocurrent ptc site.

What is innocurent?
Innocurrent pays one to view ads just for a few seconds. The website was launched in 2011 by a sister admin to Ayuwage. In addition to watching ads, other services the website pays individuals to do include, surfing the internet, answering surveys, refferal programs and completing tasks or offers.

Earnings and Payments
The minimum a person can earn in a day for just viewing ads is $0.10- 0.15 which is relativly high compared to other similar websites. Rewards come in form of credit points that can be traded for cash once you reach 10,000 points (which is equivalent to $5.00). The minimum a person can withdraw is $5.00 through paypal or payza.

1. Signing up is open for all individuals worldwide.
2. It is among the highest paying ptc sites.
3. There is no limit to the number of refferals you get in addition to earning 120% commission from their earnings.
4. No upgrade is needed and hence membership remains free.

1. There has been complaints of delayed payments.
2. The site becomes unresponsive regulary, making communication with admin difficult when one has a complaint or query.
3. It cannot be a main source of income because it may take upto three months just to reach the minimum payout.

Overall, it is tricky to determine whether innocurrent is a legit or scam website even though problems like late payments and the unresponsive system errors should be reasons for concern. Members can sign up knowing that they have a fifty-fifty chance of either being scammed or actually getting paid.